Anyone who unsubscribes from Ampjar will be put into the Unsubscribers page under your Subscribers Tab. You can download the list and upload back into anywhere else you hold your databases if you want to honor them as unsubscribing from all of your emails.

Once someone has been marked as unsubscribing, even if you reimport them into Ampjar, they are considered as being unsubscribed and will continue to be held in the Unsubscribers page. There is an option to resubscribe individuals through the Unsubscribers page. Please only use this function if you have received express permission from that user.


As with people who have unsubscribed, if you import someone who already exists in your database, we handle the duplicates and will not import multiples of the same email address.

Syncing your Database

Some users choose to hold their databases in other systems other than Ampjar, and new subscribers are delivered directly into these databases. You want to keep your Ampjar database live, so we recommend you do the following on a regular basis:

  1. Sync the database that you hold elsewhere into Ampjar.
    1. Simply head to the Add Subscribers page do the Mailchimp sync or upload the full csv over the top of the database that you have in Ampjar, and we'll handle the duplicates.
    2. If you want to honor unsubscribes that you have on your other lists, just hit delete all in your Ampjar database, and then do the MailChimp sync or csv upload.
  2. Export your unsubscribers from Ampjar (hit download on the Unsubscribers page) and then reimport them into your other provider as unsubcribers.