No campaigns are loading for me

Do you have an active Instagram connection? If you don't, campaigns won't load.

Have you moved recent campaigns around? Ampjar will load a campaign immediately after you have sent the previous campaign, it will sit as upcoming and have a send date in line with your determined frequency, day and time as outlined in your Campaign Settings. If you moved a campaign to earlier that your usual send date, we won't load the next campaign until your usual send date. If you moved a campaign back to be within 48 hours of your next send date, we'll skip that next campaign and you'll get another campaign loaded as Upcoming once you've passed that next send date. Other than those two scenarios, moving campaigns shouldn't stop you from getting your next campaign.

Have you Paused All Campaigns in Campaign Settings? Uncheck that box to get campaigns loading again.

None of the above, please contact us, and we'll come back to you ASAP.