The premise behind Ampjar is that we do the heavy lifting, and you come in and make your campaigns perfect with very little effort.

You can edit just about everything in your campaigns including when it's sent, images, links, and text.

You can also edit the bigger stuff like from name, regular sending time, the Instagram account connected, etc. in the Account Page and the Campaign Settings Page

A campaign will show up as one of the following:

Sent - already been sent

Upcoming - a campaign to be sent in the future, but not in the next 48 hours

Ready - a campaign to be sent in the next 48 hours. These campaigns are editable.

You can edit your send time and date at any point, including to make it send in the next 48 hours, which will give you an editable campaign.

Once you've clicked on edit, you will be shown a rough layout of what your campaign looks like. Click on View in Browser to see what it would look like now if you sent it as is.

When you click View in Browser, you can drag the browser window to be tall and narrow like a phone screen to see the mobile layout of your campaign.

Click on Replace Image to choose a new image to take that spot in your email. You can select another image from Instagram, or upload an image or gif (that might be something you don't want to post to Instagram but that would work perfectly in an email).

Once you've edited a part of the campaign, make sure you hit Save to ensure what you've done has been saved, and check View in Browser to see how your campaign is evolving.

Under each image is the link that traffic clicking or tapping on that image will be sent to. You can change this to anything at any time, just ensure you include http:// at the start of the link.

Once you've worked out your images, write some compelling copy, and use bold, italics, links, and paragraph layout to make the copy really pop. You've got up to 400 characters so use it wisely!

Now you can send yourself a test (click Send Me a Test at the top of the window) to see exactly how your campaign will look. You can do this as often as you like, and the email will be sent to the email listed under your Ampjar account. Use this opportunity to see how your campaign looks on mobile, etc.