Ok, good call, let us help you get set up.

Here we'll give you some extra info around all the steps of getting set up on Ampjar. When we were physically helping people get set up it's the stuff we would talk about as we went through.

Firstly set up will take 4 - 5 mins.

Step One - go to the registration page.

This is your account info, nothing that your audiences will see, other than Company Name, which will sit with a copyright mark on the footer of each email.

Step Two - connecting to Instagram.

Hit the button and it will either ask you to login or ask if you give Ampjar permission to access your information from the account that you're logged into. Make sure you're not logged into your personal account that's only followed by your mum! We don't need permission to post to your account or anything more than seeing what images you've posted and what were most popular.

Step Three - Importing Your Subscriber List

Firstly, you don't need to do this step now if you don't want to. If you're ready to upload it though, the step by step is here.

Step Four - Scheduling and the other important Info

You can change ALL of this later on, so don't worry too much, but this page is about giving us the critical info and telling us when you want us to send your campaign.

Step by Step this is...

Default 'From Name' - this is the name that the emails will come from, and what the recipient will see in their inbox and notifications.

Default From Email Address - where email replies will go to. For now, the emails will be sent from our domain [your brand]@ampjar-mail.com

Default Link - this is where 'by default' all of your images within your campaigns will link to. You might want to use something like yourbrand.com or yourbrand.com/shop here, but equally, feel free to be creative and you can change these for each image inside each campaign.

Contact Details - emails need to show contact information from the sender, and this is where you give us your address, phone number, email address, as much as you want to show in your footer.

Campaign Timing - show us where you are, and then tell us how often you want us to send a campaign to your database, on what day and at what time. There's no magic time, if we were going to advise look at when your sales peaks are and find time just before that if you don't know, try a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday at lunchtime or at the end of the working day.

That's it, you're in. You can easily change all of the above through your Account Page and Campaign Settings Page, but you now have what you need to get started.